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Freehold Purchase

Purchasing your Freehold, or Enfranchisement as it is known, is the process of where you and a group of leaseholders in your block, purchase the Freehold from the current Landlord.

This can be more expensive than aquiring a right to manage on your block, however, you will have the benifit of no longer having to pay ground rent and may well increase the value of your property. Your will also be able to appoint your own block management company with homeowners and shareholders taking back control of your block.

The process must follow the required legal steps and you will need to hire a Surveyor to value the Freehold and a Solicitor to deal with the legal issues which surround it. This may sound rather daunting, however, at Vision, we aim to make this process as easy as possible with our team of Surveyors and Solicitors. We are able to guide you through the steps and manage the whole process for you.

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